Partnerships & Creative Solutions for Financing - Seeking Advice!

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I currently own a single-family and am looking to purchase my first multi-family to rent out in Central MA. 

I'm unable to go the traditional loan route right now, so I'm looking for advice on hard money loans and other ways to finance.

I also have a person who asked if I'd be interested in a partnership (buying and renting out multi-families) with me. Looking for any advice regarding partnerships as well.


@Julie Pingitore

HML (hard money lenders) can be found at local REI networking events or virtually through BP marketplace. Your other option is to find private lender. You can start with friends and family. Another alternative is to partner up with someone who has the funds.

If you are planning to partner up with someone, make sure you know them well. Alternatively verify their credentials, check references, discuss the goals to ensure alignment, and then hire RE attorney to spell out the duties and responsibilities of each party entering into a contract.