Are there ever any properties that you drive past and just want?

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Are there ever any properties that you drive past and just want?

There are a few small multifamilies in areas that I drive past and think to myself "I would love to own those"

While probably being great cash cows for their owners, any suggestions on any non creepy way of finding out who the owners are, but then approaching them to see if they were open to selling?   Any success stories out there as well on situations like this?

That's weird- no way to know if a property will make me money by looking at it. 

County assessor website- you can tell who owns it, how long -the only thing is you don't know if they've refinanced, how much loan they have ect. 

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@Natalie Kolodij

You can tell if they are in good locations and would be desirable to rent by looking at them.

 You have no idea the interior condition. 

If the owner would even sell, or would sell for an amount that would make sense. 

If you can tell by driving by it's a good location and desirable there's a good chance it won't be a good rental. Those properties people often KNOW are in good areas- meaning they won't cash flow flow. 

Lots of people invest in less desirable neighborhoods for the cash flow. 

My point was just you shouldn't desire a property based on driving by it- that's 1/10th of what you need to know about it.