I have a Wholesaling Question

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The situation is the seller is willing to sell me their property for $350K. I have a qualified cash buyer for $375 that is willing to buy the property at that price. I could go into contract and assign to end buyer but since I have the pieces in place, I'd rather have end buyer go to contract directly with seller and merely state my fee in the contract. Is that a frequent practice or a possibility to do? I am also  broker but this is all off market. Replies are welcomed. Thank you! 

@Evan Young   No doubt this will trigger another heated debate, but what you are proposing is called real estate brokering.  In Massachusetts, that requires that you have a real estate license and that you work under a managing broker.  In other words, it's illegal.

The way you could do it legally is to actually close on the house.  At that point, you own it and can do with it what you please.