FHA / lenders questions

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Hey guys!

I need some help. I've been in the home buying process for about a year and a half. I've done some extreme credit repair and saved like hell for a deposit and researched researched researched! My plan is to owner occupy a multifamily, rent the other units out and purchase one every year using the same method. Simple enough right? No we've been speaking to a mortgage account officer from people's bank who seems like she dragging her feet in the prequalification process. We've given her all the Information she's asked for and call atleast 3 times a week and get no answers. From what I can tell she hasn't even ran our credit yet.

Is this normal as far as the waiting? Could it be that her workload is too much and I should ask for another officer to handle us? Or should I start looking for another lender altogether?

@Benjamin Greene

Just like in a romantic relationship, if someone does not put you as their priority then you find someone who will. So what I am saying is, find another mortgager who wants your business. Yes it could be she may have a tremendous workload but its professional to have your clients know what is going on so they could know what options to take. This is a service industry in some regards and if the client does not like the service they are receiving, they take their money somewhere else. So take your money somewhere else in my opinion.