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Long story short, we obtained a YGrene Loan to do the rest of windows. A week later when we read over documents realized interest was ridiculous so we cancelled loan. Now the window company wants to force us to continue doing the work and is claiming a Construction Lien! Absolutely no work was done. All they did was measure the windows.

So you read a contract over a week later ? Now you don't like the terms ....

Good luck.... time read the contract "before " you sign
WOW what a great idea wish I thought of that ....

@Cesar Borge

How would you feel if a tenant signed a lease and a week later said they don't want to live at the property because they don't like the agreement?

for your info my loan was with Ygrene that same day was to get pre approval after a few days Ygrene send the paperwork to the house with a amount 50k higher then the pre approval loan I'm not going to pay 5 time more. On a lease you have all the numbers in the lease paperwork. Mr. Ring you are a big boy now I'm happy you grew a brain and you thought about that all by yourself or you didn't.