Home Warranty Question

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@Margaret Johnson

Hi Margaret, there was a discussion we started awhile back to document our use of a warranty company.  We went with American Home Shield.  We have switched off that for I think all of our properties at this point in time.  There were a couple 'wins' with regards to items that were handled well, but for the most part it took nearly as much of our time to deal with things, and tied our hands with regards to being able to properly / responsively service our tenants when things came up.  So, we moved away.

The Warranty companies are only as good as their contractors and we ran into multiple situations where the contract between the Warranty company and their service providers might as well have been used as toilet paper more effectively.  For instance, time to respond was contractually committed to but many of these companies were not in a position to perform.

We only worked with American Home Shield and not the others you listed but I wasn't impressed over all.