Hi Biggerpocket family, I am Arthur Thomas, I would like to know after you are Funded for a piece of Property what are my next steps. How do I Analyze a Rental Property for maximum cashflow, where can I  find Real ESTATE  Leasing  Forms for Louisiana. I have Good Real ESTATE Agents, Title companies, General Home Inspectors, Pest control Inspectors. Escrow company. insurance Brokers. Can some one give me a list for the proper order that I should buy my first property and every piece there after. It is my greatest desire to learn how to become a SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE INVESTOR. JUST HAVING MENTORS TAKING ME BY THE HAND AND TEACHING ME, WILL BE THE GREATEST THING IN HELPING ME BECOME ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE INVESTOR I COULD EVER BE. PLEASE EVERY ONE HELP ME IN ANY WAY YOU CAN, MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE. LOVE YOU ALL AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL ARTHUR THOMAS