Austin,Texas: rental property Investing?

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Hello y’all,

For those that live in Austin,Tx I have a question for you investors and realtors!

I am wanting to get into to the buy and hold properties market. But I guess my question is, is Austin to expensive of a city to buy and hold. Or is it a more of a flippers market?

In an ideal world, I would want to just invest in Multifamily homes but I’m not sure where the Austin market is at, Is it single family,multi family, flipping, or what.

If someone from the area could shed some light on it for me that would be great!!

Thanks in advance!

@Daniel Campo

Austin Texas is a great buy and hold market. I have been doing that for years and its paid off very well. Flipping houses is fine but imo buy and hold is much much better. Multifamily is the best route to go for cash flow. Its very difficult to achieve cash flow, initially, for single family houses. Fourplexes tend to cash flow better. Duplexes are very good too.  

Hi @Daniel Campo - a lot of opportunities to buy & hold in appreciating areas in Austin. Cash flow can be found in the outskirts of Austin, especially in Killeen and Copperas Cove.