Advice for 20 year old to get into real estate

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Hi guys!

I’m a 20 year old going to be 21 soon. I’m currently working landscape and construction, making decent money for my age but I want more. I am really interested in real estate, maybe rental properties or the buy fix it up and flip idea. Just want to see if anyone has any advice for me to help me learn more and really get myself involved in real estate!


Hey Sam! I would highly recommend to continue learning and absorbing (and acting upon) all of the possible information that you can through books, courses, network etc.

Then, define exactly what you want to achieve.

Next, Build your team that consists of a realtor, property manager, contractor, attorney, cpa, etc.!

Hi Sam! I am also relatively new, I got a job as an acquisitions agent at an investment firm. I learned a lot there and am planning to do my first flip and buy a rental this year. I suggest working somewhere in the field and getting your foot in the door and taking it from there. It helps to learn a lot from people who know what they're doing. Best of luck!


@Jake Stuttgen

Hey Jake! Sorry for the late response still trying to figure out the app lol. Thanks for the advice. I’m definitely reading/listening to books and podcast that will educate me. I do have to define what exactly I want. Then will go from there!

Thanks again!


@Clara Brashear

Hey Clara! Thanks for the advice! Still trying to figure the app so sorry for the late response lol.

I am working with my dad who is a real estate investor. He is teaching me a lot, but I will definitely expand my knowledge and look for a job that may spark my interests in a certain area.

Thanks again!