Whats with Foreclosure.com dominating the Marketplace??

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So, has anyone else noticed that a large number of the properties listed in the Marketplace are from Foreclosure.com???  It's rather annoying that they're adding all these properties on there, and to get any information you then have to go create an account to login to their website to get more information.  Is there any good way to filter these out, or force them to show the information here if they're going to have access to post there?

I haven't run into this specific problem, but I was using foreclosure.com directly and they charged me like $40/month or something like that. I went to cancel my subscription and it sent me through an automated "we really don't want to see you go!" sequence that ended with them offering me $10/month instead of $40/month for exactly the same thing, so now I'm on the $10/month plan and I'm happy with that.

@Joe Crupi

Yeah. Gets foreclosures and other types of potentially good deals to me so I can get to them quickly. It also shows preforeclosure houses, which is a potential goldmine for direct mail campaigns or other sorts of marketing efforts.

No lein info is provided there, I don't think. You need to find someone who can do title research for you - but if you buy a foreclosure, all the liens are removed before you get the deed anyway, so it's not a big deal if you're buying a foreclosure. If you're buying at auction or directly from the homeowner, then you'll want to be more careful. Auctions are the sketchiest - if you buy directly from the homeowner but settle through a title company and get title insurance as usual, then you're covered.