No more SFR zoning?

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In reading more on it, it appears that the rural areas won't be affected as they have what is called urban boundaries where those new zoning laws won't apply, which makes no sense, because inside the city limits they already have higher density and ADU's, etc.

@Karen Margrave The cities do have higher densities, but still by and large not very dense. Portland is 85% single family zoned with density relegated to the corridors--not necessarily the best growth plan for any city as urban centers become more populated. 

The people that are really freaking out about this are living in the past in my opinion. Collectively we've been sold an "american dream" that has been shaped by a surplus of land, relatively low population levels, racism, cheap financing, and automobiles. 

Zoning laws are meant to be forward thinking that the cities grow into. This law most likely won't move the gauge much for adding new units, but hopefully it is a harbinger for progressive development of our cities.

Was anything else changed? I.e. streamlining the planning process? California is trying to do that, but it's always been a state versus local fight. So many NIMBYs here.

@Embert Madison jr that's always the point I try to make. The issues with lack of affordable housing are all related to the over regulation the state has put into place. You can't keep having the most stringent this or that, without it affecting the end cost to buyers. Unfortunately, too many people don't understand that those "big developers" don't eat anything and pass those costs down to renters, etc. That high gas prices affect the cost of everything that is put and delivered into a house, etc. 

City and County administrators think 10k here or there makes sense. I have a guest house on my property and am basically being forced to convert it to an ADU. Nothing on it changes, other than it will have LESS livable square footage, and they want me to pay $10,000 in impact fees, though there is no new impact being created. CRAZY!!