Buying real estate in Spokane, WA

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Hello All! My husband and I live in Seattle and are interested in purchasing our first investment property in Spokane. It's much less expensive than Seattle and enjoy visiting the city. We were originally interested in SFR's, but have found the economics to be better on multi-families. We like the areas near downtown and are hoping to find something for under $230k. Does anyone have any thoughts on this market?

Would love to hear any advice or recommendations you might have - especially in how we can start learning about off-market opportunities!  


Hi Danna,

I live and invest in Spokane. Have a few multis as well as a few single families. Its definitely a great place to be buying right now, but as that has become more and more accepted knowledge it has become tougher to find deals so just be prepared to be patient. 

Not sure how familiar you are with Spokane, but it can be a tad interesting when evaluating deals because. thanks to the very recent gentrification of the city, there are class A and B areas that are extremely close geographically to C and D areas. This leads to people pursuing properties they think are in locations that are a lot nicer than they actually are.

Anyways, more than happy to help out or talk shop with you. I have an array of contacts who can help you get started at this point. Feel free to message me if you like.