There are countless amounts of "Real Estate Rules" that newer investors adopt. I've heard of the 70% rule (purchase+rehab/ARVx100), the 1% rule (monthly rent/all in cost) , the 10% Cap rule, the 30% ROI, the "would my daughter be able to safely run at night here" rule, and so forth and so on. Sure, for paper napkin formulas, these could be a quick way to discriminate deals, but what it lacks is the thoughtful process behind it, the ability to zoom out to a greater context.

 What I have found is the difference between my newbie investors and my big dogs is the variables that they consider. So many Bigger Pockets Podcasts have preached, nowadays you don't find deals, you make deals yet so many of the podcast disciples have missed what that truly means. 

For those a confident in their success, can you share some of the secret sauce of how you plan for future investments and factors that influence your acquisitions. What do you value most OUTSIDE of the rough purchase price, rehab, ARV?