Direct Mail and List Source

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Hello All,

Does anyone have experience with using List Source?

I have generated a couple of list for matured mortgages, "handwritten" a good number of letters to mail using, and am preparing to start sending these letters out.

The question I have pertains to the ownership column when getting a list from Listsource. I am showing a property management company as the owner, owning 80 companies with matured mortgages in the area. Is this incorrectly displaying the property management company as the owner? Or would they in fact be the owner? I just find it unlikely that a property management company claims to manage 80 properties on their website, and Listsource is saying they have all had matured mortgages and this company is the owner of all 80.



@Nathan Gruetzmacher I have been using listsource for years now and as far as I know, their data is correct.
On a side note, don't spend too much time writing letters where you can easily use a handwritten font. My experience shows both handwritten letters and handwritten font letters delivers the same result.