Rio Grande Valley investing

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Anyone have investments down in south Texas Mcallen,Edinburg area. Looking to possibly partner up with someone to invest down here in the future.

Howdy Boone. 

I’m just getting started. I live hear on the island. Seems like good deals are few and far between here. Too seasonal. And vacation rentals is not something I want to do. Looking at Brownsville, Laguna Vista and Port Isabel as better options.  Not too far. Buy rehab hold and rent. And or flip if the opportunity is right. 

Hey Boone, I think that flipping is up my alley, I want to buy older homes and Rehab them to keep them as rentals to generate passive income. 

Im currently finishing up my first house in Edinburg that i will be using as a rental. Any tips on how to get agreement paperwork for rental property (this is my first one) Should i get an attorney or property manager to manage my first one? 


Not all areas are prone to flooding. You should get a statement from homeowner or property owner stating whether or not it has ever been flooded. Area is mostly very flat and drainage is poor. not sure if FEMA has flood maps for these areas.