House with big equity, Sell or to hold on?

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The house has market value of $360,000 with less than $98,000 principle in a 15 year mortgage (3.25%, $1368 monthly payment). It's rented for $1800 a month. Should I sell (use the proceed to reinvest) or hold on (because I am no longer able to get such a good mortgage)?

Hi @Sam Shi ! Depends on your goals and where you are right now in your investing journey. If you're looking to stabilize and hold vs. grow and scale, your decision will be different. If you want to stabilize, pay it off and enjoy a large cash-flowing house. If you want to grow, maybe get a HELOC and don't sell, or do a cash-out refinance and use the cash to invest in more property. Different options here... What do you want?