Out of state investor Planning a trip to Memphis, Tn

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I am wanting to come to Memphis to get more familiar with the area's I am wanting to invest in and also of course meet more people. I am wanting to connect with agents, pm, contractors and other investors. If you have any you recommendations for who I should try and link up with it would be much appreciated. Also want to plan it so I can go to different kinds of meet ups or events. Trying to make the visit worthwhile and network and meet as many new faces as possible so any info will help. 

Hey @Tyler Black

Hey Man I see you are in St Geezy I love that place! I would always go there for spring break and dirt bike at Sand Hollow sand dunes. 

If you are in on Thursday come to my meetup there are lots of people there in real estate. 


Also I would personally like to meet you and I can get out a map of Memphis for you and tell you about all the areas of town etc. 

Anyways best of luck I see you are 21 and you already have a rental property? great work! Call me anytime if you ever need any advice.