Best YouTube personality to watch for real estate investments..

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Sterling White!!! His YouTube channel and podcast are pretty new but he has a lot of blogs on BP. Started from poverty, literally built his empire starting out with no money. Practical advice without the get-rich-quick schemes and up-sells.

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Looking for good YouTube personalities as I start my real estate investment journey.

Tucker Merihew, Phil Pustejovsky, Max Maxwell, Kris Krohn, Jerry Norton and many others just keep learning, but TAKE ACTION very soon either way


@Kyle Bliss For military guys and gals check out From Military to Millionaire podcast and YouTube channel. @David Pere does an excellent job broadcasting the different real estate lending programs available to military folks but he's also just great to listen to even if you're not in the military. Check him out.

@Kyle Brodwater thanks for the shoutout brother!

@Kyle Bliss Idk that I would call myself anywhere near the level of Graham or Kevin (although I did help film the video Kevin uploaded today), but I'm trying to up my YouTube game and would welcome any and all feedback if you check it out!

How can I forget Robert Kyosaki,

He is the reason I got started, and the reason I was able to get out of the “Rat Race”