How to generate more buyer leads?

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I work in Janesville, WI and work with mostly out of state investors. I run a medium sized property management company and we are actively looking to grow. We come across numerous deals that would be suitable for investors on a daily basis, however, we are struggling to find investors who are ready to purchase. Any tips on finding people who are looking to purchase more property? The Janesville area is ripe and I am trying to find new leads as quickly as possible in order to keep our investors happy. 

Try to get out and network with the local investor community. I have found that if the deal is good, it doesn't take long to move it. Even if you work primarily with out of state investors, I'm sure there are local people that would buy if they knew about the deals. I would also send out deals to the investors that you already have. I list investment properties on the MLS but I also send them out to my investor clients if I think it might meet their criteria. That way we are getting maximum exposure for the property.

As a management company it seems out of your purview to actively find leads for investors...A better way to grow would be to meet more investors who already have properties needing to be a thought.