Coolest thing I've seen in a building yet

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A few weeks ago I bought a new property.  It's a 4 story brick building that was built in 1911 as a paint factory.  It's in an awesome area of downtown Houston.  Has underground parking, roof top deck, and a huge 'art gallery' style lobby.

There is an elevator for the tenants, but also a service elevator that is no longer in commission (along with a old staircase next to that one that's also out of service and was interesting to explore).

Because it was an old factory, when the units were turned into lofts back in 1993, the individual units are huge and gorgeous. They have HUGE ceilings, exposed brick and concrete walls, and I keep finding all sorts of goodies when I look in the units from when the property was a factory.

This last unit I looked out (tried to view before the next lease started on the 14th of this month) had some fire hose connector still on the wall. And then I noticed by the exit, there was an old entry to the service elevator that was cemented over but the old up/down buttons are still there.

I've taken a lot of cool pictures of various items. At some point I need to make a post with all of them. But here are a few shots I took today (total of four pics, two are 'zoom out' of the item and two are zoom in of the two areas)

Right now a pretty famous artist has some art work up in the lobby.  I put some of those pics up too.   I don't want to put too many unit pics or the building name as I try not to do anything here that may seem to be "advertising" (even though the building is full).  I wish I could find some properties in San Diego or even Austin to 1031 or flip into that would be the equivalent of this place.  Hey wholesellers out there - if you find one, send one!  :)

Here is the new artwork that was put in the lobby of the building.  I hope the artist keeps it there a few months:

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Awesome, Cody! Curious about that out of service elevator and what, if anything, you have to do with it.

It’s there. Unused. Trying to figure out how to share info on the property, as it’s pretty cool, without advertising the name or my company as I try to keep a line here