Investment Advice (South Africa)

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Hi Everyone.

I am newbie here and would love to get some advice with regards to property investment in South Africa. 

which is a better route to pursue?

1.  buy-to-rent properties?

2. buy-to-sell properties?

3. building from scratch?

4. commercial or residential?


Hi Tebogo,

Welcome to BP!

Different strategies work best in certain areas. So generally you need to find the best strategy for your area or if you're willing to invest long distance you can look at alternate strategies. For example, I've realised rent-to-rent is feasible in expensive areas such as Cape Town, whereas buy-to-lets work better in some areas of JHB. Having spoken to some local investors, I have heard commercial requires greater funding to get into which is something to consider even if you're using other peoples' money. 

All the best and let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi David, thankyou so much for your response...I am based in Joburg and looking to invest around Gauteng. 

I too have been made aware that although Commercial maybe more profitable but it requires way more funds. I am still doing my research though and have signed up to attend a few seminar to gain more knowledge before making a move.