Hi! I recently picked up a delinquent tax list from my county’s tax office. I used this list to do a targeted drive for dollars and I came across a particular property that stood out to me. It’s a mobile home in a secluded area. Taxes haven’t been paid since 2014. I did some digging and found out that the homeowner is and has been in jail since the beginning of 2015. This house will be auctioned off in about three weeks. I would like to get this place under contract before the auction and find a buyer on it. With that being said I have a few questions that has me stumped. 1st question is if I manage to get the seller onboard and lined up a buyer before the auction, how are the back taxes taken care of? 

Second question is. If I got property under contract but couldn’t find a buyer in time would that mean that the property will still be sold at auction?

Third question is how will I get the property owner to sign contracts? Will they need to sign power of attorney over to someone to help finalize the contract?