Seasoned pros and contractors, I need some advice

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Hi BP,

So I came across this property that I am strongly considering buying but I keep having mixed feelings about some elements of the property.

There is a some structural concerns with the porch overhang on both of the units at the front door of the residence that is massively leaning and my concern is

1) is this something that is highly expensive to repair (eyeball estimates please)

2) is this something that I could ask the seller to replace in the contract before the sale

3) Could I be potential sued by a tenant IF I take possession and it were to collapse? This property is in a Snow State

Lastly with the respect to rain gutters, if they are not properly installed or outright missing, is there a concern for potential roof damage and drainage concerns that I should be aware of ?

Thank you all for your assistance

I'll try and help you out here.

1. It's hard to say if it would be expensive or not, without actually inspecting the problem. Is it a matter of the overhang pulling away from the house or can it be repaired by just installing new vertical posts?  

2. You can absolutely ask for seller's concession on this, I know I would.

3. Not an attorney, but I would bet you would be sued if those were to fall and injure someone. 

The gutters are responsible for moving the water away from the house, so the foundation does not develop problems over time. I wouldn't worry as much about roof damage if they are gone, as I would be water settling up against the house.