Puerto Rico Investing Tips

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I'm finding properties on Zillow.com/pr/ and a lot of them are FannieMae is & FreddieMac foreclosures and rough, but I also don't know the areas and no one includes probable rents. The ubiquitous iron bars on every property might be off-putting if they weren't on every property from $14k to $3M. 

Maybe Bigger Pockets should lure some of the PR real estate agents to BP to add some enlightenment. (I've started a list.)

I did read that there is no property tax on 1st property owned, which suggests one might start with a higher end property. (but don't know how that works) and that there are lots of multi-units - often with comments that you can split a house or a floor and make another unit from a floor, so building and/or remodels might not require permitting (???).