Which of Your Properties Do Investors Want to Buy the Most?

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My wife commented to me the other day that we receive a huge amount of attention from wholesalers, investors, and realtors for my 4-plex property in Phoenix, AZ. I literally receive 2-3 mailers every week, and I get at least one cold call per week asking me if I want to sell. 

None of my other properties receive even half as much attention. In fact I would be lucky to receive a mailer for any of them more than once a year.

I get why I get so much attention being an out of state owner, what surprises me though is the lack of attention I get by comparison for my property in Tucson. 

Small multis (2-4 doors) are pretty hard to come by in Phoenix. There are a LOT of investors who want them so the competition is fierce. You'd probably be pleasantly surprised at home much equity you have in the property, just because there is so much demand right now!