So I have a duplex under contract. It's in a C - area: All Brick exterior, cpvc updated, electrical looks good, both AC are 8 years of age, roof looks good, tile floors. Can get around $1200 gross monthly and net would be around $600.

I attended the home inspection and

as I pulled up, I realize the next door neighbor had about 6 pitbulls (not exaggerating) all loose in the front yard. One of the other pitbulls is about to drop another litter. Looks like they sell the dogs.

Their yard isn't equipped to handle this type of wear and tear. The reason I know this is because while being there, one of the pitbulls got out and the owner had to go get the dog.

It's probably the worst looking house and yard on the block which happens to be next to the duplex under contract. Sigh.....

My question is: Would you still do the deal?