I've been using the software PropertyRadar for a few months now. It's been very helpful and I've used it to close two wholesale deals so far. Both of the deals were houses which would not have qualified for a bank loan because of the condition they were in. Because the owners were either unable or unwilling to fix the properties to find a traditionally financed buyer they decided to go with my cash offer.

One property I wholesaled was a preforclosure and the other was owned by someone living out of state. So far Ive been contacting owners with these types of criteria.

My question is if anyone knows of any creative data filters to use to find properties that are not in a "habitable" condition and ideally ones which the owner is either unable or not likely to fix up themselves. I've heard of various prop tech startups in my area that do things like analyze pictures on google maps to find distressed properties. I'm interested in things like this.

But even within PropertyRadar I'm trying to figure out how to be more creative with my lists by adding criteria that will more likely show houses that aren't in a habitable condition. Does anyone know if theres mortgage, transfer, tax, or any other data that might align with these types of properties more accurately?