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Hi Dante,

Curious if you are considering out of state options. Im looking into the Reno area for multi unit cash flow. Apple, google, and Amazon are all building very large facilities in Reno. The area will have very strong rental growth. Im specifically looking for multi-family with value add opportunities in addition to cash flow. Let me know if this may be of interest to your situation.

@Elle Bindra I spend a lot of time online - MLS notifications set up by my broker, Zillow and and have notifications set up to notified when new properties are listed .

@Elle Bindra I am also investing in the Syracuse area remotely from Tel Aviv, Israel. The main places I look are Zillow, the GoNYSMLS app, LoopNet and craigslist. I have gotten great deals from all of these. I look twice a day and adjust the search criteria to single families under 70k and multi families in any price range. Another place i've had luck are the annual tax auctions that local municipalities have. I have my property manager and contractor do a video walkthrough and usually that's enough for me to make a decision. I have email alerts set up so that when there is a new property listed in my area I get notified. Another way I've found deals is specifically targeting properties and contacting the owners directly and asking them if they are interested in selling. I use the app DealMachine to find out email addresses and phone #'s of owners.

How is your luck with Deal Machine? Do you use it in the Syracuse area? If so what location in Syracuse

Dealmachine just pulls information from the Onondaga county tax info. You can get an app called Landslide which also gives you the property information. We are working on acquiring 72 units in Syracuse. We are contractors so we tend to get better deals on properties that most other investors wouldn't touch. Send me a message if you'd like to partner on any deals like this in the Syracuse area and surrounding. 

@Danté Belmonte I honestly can’t recommend deal machine one way or the other because I only used the free trial then deleted it lol. But I can say it got me the cellphone # of the property owner that I couldn’t find anywhere else which led to me getting a really nice deal on a 6 unit I currently own. 

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