Out of State investing

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I am looking to start out of state investing and looking for the best place to get cash flow for an all in price under $100k. If you have any one that would be a good referral to help me get started in that area I would appreciate it.  Happy Investing!

@Adam B Henderson and @Vipul Negi

Here is a document that may help with your search. It lists all the cities within the country over 100k in population and is ordered by median home value.

Link to Spreadsheet

I suggest selecting a few cities that meet your criteria and then dive deeper into researching the sub-markets that comprise each of them.

The sub-market selection will have more of an impact on price as well as investment performance than the city itself. 

If this is your first investment, I don't suggest trying to find the highest cash flowing property however. The reason being that this will likely be in a D/F neighborhood, which will expose you to more risk than needed when starting out. 

Hope this helps