After a Fannie Mae property is under contract the buyer has a 10 day inspection period as per Fannie Mae rules (see text below from their website).  Does anybody know if they will allow pressure testing of boiler and domestic water during this inspection?  I ask because the house has not been heated and there have been freezing temperatures.  The realtor is uncertain if it has been winterized.  A frozen and cracked boiler, heat lines, and domestic water lines could set us back 5-10k depending on the severity of damage.    We would really like to pressure test the water systems during the inspection.

From Fannie Mae Website - "Once your contract has been executed, a 10-day inspection period is provided, allowing you to perform inspections and determine whether the property meets your needs. This inspection period begins on the "Effective Date" listed on the contract in the Fannie Mae REO purchase contract."