I bought my first commercial rental a few months back using seller finance and it was a breeze since the property was off market And I could talk to the seller directly. The seller and I haggled it all out based on their retirement needs and since it was still a good deal the interest didn’t matter much to me since it was an excellent cash on cash return.

I am currently searching for my next deal and have found one that interests me on the MLS but the price doesn't make sense As is. The realtor is telling me the seller will entertain owner finance offers. Without being able to directly contact the Seller without realtor involvement im stuck as to how to build my offer.

these are the important variables.

1. overpriced(would offer a lower number on a longer term to make the owner a profit through time/interest So it’s a win/win)

2. Since my price/interest rate is heavily dependent on achieving a certain cash on cash return, and I am still a novice at owner financing. Are there market averages to guide me on Average owner financing Terms? Years/interest etc?

3. Since my owner financing offer involves such a large drop on deal price(made up for and exceeded through interest and time) does anyone use techniques to soften the initial shock of the offer? I feel like the second they see the deal price they won’t care that they will more than double their initial asking price.