Myrtle Beach “Hotel-Style Condos”

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Hi All! It appears many of the beachfront condos in/around Myrtle Beach are the hotel-style in which all units have the same carpet, furniture, etc. I usually associate this with higher HOAs and some sort of onsite rental program. Does anyone have information on these types of rentals in Myrtle Beach? Can we rent on our own via VRBO, etc? What’s a ballpark insurance cost (hurricanes, etc) for a $300,000 place?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Craig, in many cases you can certainly use VRBO or the management company of your choice. I just sold a couple of condos (I'm a Realtor) to an individual who is using Evolve, a very good management company that is reasonably priced. As for insurance, it would be best to contact a few insurance companies to get a good idea. We use LW Short for our rental properties.