Need advise please for the offer on property

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I'm looking for advise on a commercial cum residential property. It has 4 apartments and 2 commercial spaces all occupied. Below are financial info.

Total Sqft= 8778

Total Monthly Rent= $8700

Total Monthly Expenses= $2600

NOI = $5700

Asking price= $990,000

I know you will be asking lot of questions and I'm new to real estate.I shall try to answer as much as I can about the property. I need advise on the offer range.


I would say you should not be putting an offer on any property if you are unable to calculate the financial return on a property without having to source it from a forum. 

There are tons of due diligence that needs to be done on a million dollar property that is way more in depth than what you can source from the bigger pockets community with a forum post. 

Take the time to invest in yourself and gain some knowledge before putting in offers. 

@Jon Reed   Thank you for your response. I have used the tool from BP to analyze and the cap rate was around 7%. This is my second time revisiting the property. I looked at this property back in 2017 but the offer was rejected.Owner wanted $900,000 minimum at that time. Currently the asking price increased to $990,000.I'm not looking to make tons of money but would like to keep it on a long term for retirement income.