Should I pay cash for a BRRRR investment?

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Hello everyone, we are looking at buying a property to BRRRR with a value of $72,000. We have heard from our realtor that they are starting to bid above, but we face a decent shot if we offer to close in cash.

This property will take roughly $30-$35,000 in rehab costs with an around $135,000. Is it wise to tie up this much cash or is it recommended to wait for another property?

Thanks in advance!

@Osvaldo Granillo You pose a question that is really hard for anyone other than yourself to answer. You decision should be based on many factors. How good is the deal? How long will the cash be tied up? Would you need the cash in the time period? What is the opportunity cost of the cash being tied up? 

If the deal is good enough and you stand to come out the other side of the deal with a cash flowing property and your cash back then I would think it is plenty wise choice.

Every investor has a strategy you have to decide what yours will be.