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Riyadh Alawami


Dec 16 '12, 04:32 AM


I am quite new to Real and would greatly
appreciate if some of these questions are answered --

If one is looking to invest a lump sum in International Real Estate, which countries should
they consider at this time?
Are there any resources that I can study which would assist me?

Would also be adding to this as I gradually clarify my aims and as my understanding increases.

Good luck and all contributions greatly appreciated.

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Jeff S.

Asset Based Private Lender from Los Angeles, California

Dec 16 '12, 10:05 PM

There’s generally no better place than your own backyard, @Riyadh Alawami. However, Global Property Guide is a pretty good place to research other countries. I’d initially focus on the former British colonies, since they tend to have similar laws.

Riyadh Alawami


Dec 20 '12, 10:52 AM

I currently reside in the UK and thought of International investment because of the more lucrative opportunities and smaller investments relative to 'back home'.

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