Bulk Sum looking to be used profitably...

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I am quite new to Real and would greatly
appreciate if some of these questions are answered --

If one is looking to invest a lump sum in International Real Estate, which countries should
they consider at this time?
Are there any resources that I can study which would assist me?

Would also be adding to this as I gradually clarify my aims and as my understanding increases.

Good luck and all contributions greatly appreciated.

There’s generally no better place than your own backyard, @Riyadh Alawami . However, Global Property Guide is a pretty good place to research other countries. I’d initially focus on the former British colonies, since they tend to have similar laws.

I currently reside in the UK and thought of International investment because of the more lucrative opportunities and smaller investments relative to 'back home'.

I'm sure there are plenty of lucrative opportunities back home -- you just need to look for them. Many people here in the states complain about the same thing, but just aren't looking hard enough.

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