Closing Costs for Cash Buyer

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Hello! Purchasing a home with cash and I was quoted $800 from the title company to do their normal piece but I would like to know what other fees I can expect at closing?  Any prorated charges? I havent found any solid answers and the title company is still working on the final closing $ total.

Purchase Price $22,500 cash

Closing 2.27.20

Property Taxes for 2019 were paid by seller

Location - St Louis MO

Thanks in advance!

@LeAnna Bell , ask the title company for closing costs. They will be the only one who can tell you with any certainty what your costs will be.

At closing, I generally pay around $550 to the attorney and $200 for title insurance. There can be some other stuff like property taxes and HOA fees. As long as the total is less than $900 or so, I don't get concerned.