Buying foreclosures - bank (seller) says NO to 3rd party

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Hello everybody

this is my first post in BP. i am based in Brooklyn,NY but buykng and flipping in Poconos, PA. I am looking for houses to flip and buy and hold. I started re 8nvesting last year and I bought 4 houses . 1 is under contract, 2nd is renting. 3rd is almost renovated to be sold, 4th one renovation started.

I sell luxury wide plank wood floors in New York City. I am Certified Hardwood flooring Inspector and Consultant.  I can help in return with anything in my field. 

have a beautiful day to you all

Tomasz Poznanski

Hey Tomasz, welcome to BP! I'm based locally too. Congrats on all the success with the Poconos. I know very little about the area, but are there good opportunities there?

Do you have a website for your wide plank floors business?


Excuse me for late response. I dont come here often. However now I get to start to learn more. I hope you are well and safe. 

I think there are good markets everywhere. I like Poconos, however when you wrote to me it was before all Corona virus thing. I need to see what to do next. What will be my startegies.