Hudson Valley Airbnb

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Hi BP community, My wife and I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and are potentially looking for a summer home / other season Airbnb rental up in the Hudson valley (max ~2 hours from the city). The areas that we have been considering mostly (in no particular order) are: Staatsburg, Kingston, New Paltz, Saugerties, Woodstock and surrounds. And the general criteria we are looking for are: price <$650k, lot size 5 acres+, (but as much land as possible, bonus if some passive farming income and/or sub dividable) within 15 mins drive of the nearest city / Main Street, location close to holiday rental attractions (rail trail, hiking, seasonal events, public transport etc). A few questions for anyone who has read this far: 1. Which of these areas (or others) would you recommend for future value appreciation and rental income and why 2. Any recommendations of buying agents to work with in the area? 3. Any recommendations of Airbnb property management agents in the area? 4. Do you think the numbers could work for this to make financial sense if we aim to rent out for 6-8 months of the year through short term Airbnb rentals. Financial sense for us would mean cash neutral or rental income covering the monthly carrying costs (property tax, mortgage interest, maintenance). Appreciate any input / guidance!

i could have written this! In exact same situation except only looking to spend <150k as this will be my first property looking to use it to learn the process of buying a property before moving on to multi families etc

Would be interested in any responses or if you found anything out