Hello all,

I am wondering if someone could help me figure out how to go about a potential deal. I found a property on zillow.com for $39,000 and the seller has a real estate agent. I am trying to negotiate for $28,000. In order to find an investor/buyer for the property, I am going to contact a another agent who has represented a similar property that has already sold ($68,000). I want to contact the agent to see if the person who bought the property would be interested in the one that I am trying to negotiate for 28,000.  I guess my question is how would I close the deal? Would this be a double closing? 

- I would like to offer the investor $60,000 for the property. Which is cheaper than the property he has already bought.  

-I am thinking to make a profit of about $32,000, how would I include the referral fee for the agent who finds a buyer?