Primary Residence FHA Loan ; Triplex or Quad

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Hi BP.

I am a newbie, looking to buy my first property. I want to use an FHA loan to buy a Triplex or Quad. I live and work in Europe for 9/10 months of the year but in the 2/3 months in the offseason I come home to the states. One of the units would be used as my primary residence and the other 2/3 would be rented out for the cash flow. My question is since I work in Europe and my work causes me not to live there for a big part of the year, would I still be inside of the FHA rules and regulations as using it as my primary residence? Essentially one of the units would be free and vacant most of the year but I wouldn't be renting it out. Hopefully my tenants rent covers the mortgage and op.cost with a few hundred extra in cash flow.



I am not a mortgage expert, but from my experience it has to be your primary residence where you live 183 days of the year. When you are in Europe, do you spend all that time in one location? That may be a factor here.

Best of luck! 

Thanks for your reply Filipe .

The last two years I've lived in Italy from August until June of each year. Why do you think that matters or would have an affect?