So, I am trying to create a deal in my head to try to understand the numbers and what deals look like in real estate. These are just numbers made up for the sake of understanding and aiding my visual learning needs. Just looking for some professionals to let me know if my numbers simply make sense. If not, please enlighten me. Also, what does the phrase "all-in" mean when discussing real estate financials?

$120,000 ARV

$110,000 ask price 

$82,500 Purchase Price @ 25% discount market value

$20,625 down payment 25%

$61,875, finance amount

$4,125 closing costs

$5,000 rehab costs

$87,500 purchase price + rehab costs

$29,750 rehab +down payment + closing costs

$90,000 refinance at 75% LTV

$4,125 closing costs 

$24,000 cashout

$5,750 money left in deal (29,750-24,000)