Buying in North Carolina

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It really all depends on what you are trying to accomplish, what strategy, pricepoint, etc.  We have a few in NC throughout the state and I can help answer based on what your criteria is.  Definitely need more details.

I agree with Joseph, it really depends on what you're trying to do. For instance, Fayetteville is great for cash flowing rentals, but you're not going to get much appreciation. Raleigh/Durham can be good for flips because there's a shortage of inventory so it's easy to sell pretty much anything, but it's much harder to find cash flowing rentals.

@Marcus Shetter I'm in Fayetteville and we find it to be a fantastic cash-flow market. The military presence essentially makes our property values extremely stable. And they're already affordable to begin with. I also have a theory that I will be posting about soon to explain why courthouse auctions are going to be an even bigger opportunity than investors are anticipating. If you want to learn more, send a message to @Chris Stroup he can definitely help you get set up.

High Point, NC is another market with a lower barrier to entry with price. Example, just purchased a Duplex for $30k. Just need to start your research and start making offers. Not knowing your level of experience (like in rehab, analyzing deals, etc) makes it difficult to offer additional guidance.

@Parker Massengill

I am actually interested in the same area. I am currently in New Jersey and don't have the cash to get into another rental there . So I heard about North Carolina but I am not sure where to start .

1. Property management

2. Which areas to flip or rent and which are the safer option .

Feel free to direct message me I would love a reply thank you 👍