Looking for Probate Advice

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I could use the advice of all you amazing probate minds out there!

The Owner of a property passed away and didn't have a will. She left behind a sister and a daughter. She also left behind a mortgage of $32k owed to US Bank. Payments haven't been made since April. The bank has not yet foreclosed but is threatening. However, since the Owner has passed away, the bank basically has the ownership.

What's my best path towards successfully negotiating a deal with US Bank before foreclosure? The home is on the city vacant buildings list and is/will incur at least $3k fees yearly in addition to any upkeep, etc.. I have successfully worked with the city to rehab several similarly vacant homes.

Any thoughts and advice from experienced probate investors would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

If you contact the bank, they're not going to divulge information as you have no interest in the property. You could leave a note on the door and whomever picks up the mail will eventually read.

Will or no will there's a probate process that the sister and daughter would have to file if they want to keep the property.

Check your county's viatical statistics department and see if a death certificate has been filed.

Whomever filled it out will be your first point of contact @Joe Schaak