Good afternoon to you all,

I am living in the US now, down in sunny Las Vegas. My investment strategy is to BRRRR properties and my target market is out of state in Memphis TN. Listening to ample BP podcast's, BP Rookie podcast's and specifically reading David Greene's 'Long Distance Real Estate Investing' has really enlightened me to the necessary steps needed.

Through my limited amount of time living in the US, I haven't built substantial credit to get conventional lending. So to help this process, I have set up my credit card's automatic monthly payment's for my cell phone bill and spotify to have substantial credit history. That being said, my Canadian credit is great. 

I was wondering if there is a way to use my Canadian credit to get a loan for an investment property here in the US? How have you used your Canadian credit to fund your deals? Are there particular lender's that you may know that use this method?

Thank you for your help!