Breaking Contract with Real Estate Agent

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My husband and I signed a contract with a top performing real estate agent back in the Spring. Due to COVID we have not listed our house yet, we're mostly waiting until inventory in the area picks back up. We're selling a smaller house and buying our forever home, so we're okay waiting for a bit.

We're a little frustrated because our real estate agent has literally left the state to open up another branch of the real estate company. We were first told they were going on vacation and now it seems like they have left the area permanently! I was given the number of another real estate agent we have never met or heard of and told to contact her for all further showings and to list our house. The new agent is in the same brokerage as the original. We signed with this agency because of their reputations and now we won't be even working with them! 

Is there a way to get out of our contract? It does not expire until October. They did already take pictures of the place (according to the contract we would have to pay $500 if we don't end up listing the condo) but I feel all fees should be waived because we signed the contract thinking we would have one person and have ended up with someone completely different. 

Your contract is with the brokerage itself. Specifically the Broker of record. That being said I would recommend giving them a call and seeing what you can work out. If it is a larger office I am sure they have someone who is as good. If not they may just cut you loose. 

Good Luck!

They will typically let you out of your contract, since they haven't actually put it in the mls yet. As for the pictures, having to pay for them might still be fair, or splitting them.