This is based on multiple markets I am Virtual Wholesaling in across the US.

My paid marketing costs in 2020 have been dropping slightly since the chaos started...while wholesaling free listed deals off the MLS and Propstream have become increasingly competitive since May.

- No paid marketing in April due to the high number of deals I was getting from follow-up.
- I am getting an increasing number of deals under contract right now on the very first contact.

Average Costs/Time Per Deal: (per campaign)
- RVM/Text - $700 Per Deal. 2-4 Weeks. (Includes data)
- Cold Calls - $475 4-8 weeks. 3-4 Hours per day, Mon-Sat.
- Facebook Ads - $1100 Per Deal. 2-3 Weeks.
- Google Ads - $2400 Per Deal. 1-2 Weeks. Requires the least time if you can afford it.
- MLS and/or Propstream - $100 per month. 4-8 Weeks.
- Direct Mail - NA, I a very targeted when I do mail as its possible to spend $3000-$4000 in many markets just to do a mediocre deal.

Your numbers will be different based on list, market, conversion and experience however, this should give you a general perspective.

*Average amount of time to sell a good deal is same day.

The deals are still out there.