Will neighbors be a problem at this house?

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My sister has an odd situation with a house she is purchasing and I wanted to get some feedback from the Biggerpockets community.  She and her husband are buying a second home on the outskirts of Seattle.  After mutual acceptance, they went to the house to show it to their kids (just the yard without going into the house).  There is no one living there and it has no-bank waterfront.  When they were over at the property, some neighbors came over and offered to open the door and let them in "because they have a key." They didn't go in.  He is the cousin of one of the owners.  He mentioned that the property has been in their family for 50 years and they have always had free access to the waterfront and they "hope they can continue that when you move in."

Fast forward a couple days and the seller's agent reached out to their buyer's agent and said someone had told the sellers that the buyers were looking at the property and decided to cancel their offer. My sister never said anything like that, it had to be the family members they ran into. Do you think these neighbors are going to be a problem going forward? They have a weird feeling about it but they have been looking for a second home with waterfront for over a year and there are very few in their pricepoint. It is going to be a second home so they won't always be there.

Another potential angle, this is a very white community and they are an interracial couple.  The neighbors never said anything to that effect but we can't help but wonder.

Any advice on how to handle this from the awesome Biggerpockets community would be greatly appreciated!