Granite or quartz countertops ?

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An agent told me "No difference quartz vs granite on appraisal" is this true? I assume granite was top of the line and had a higher return on investment. I'm in the process of flipping my first home and I'm trying to choose the right countertop.

Agent also said, “Granite used to be the go to maybe 5 years ago. Quartz is actually higher priced. You’re probably seeing that. BUT for appraisal purposes they’re just looking at stone countertops whether it’s soapstone. Quartz, granite, and some high end butcher block. The most important thing is “updated”

What are your thoughts?

@Simon Obas

I always go with quartz. The $5sf difference in price I’m seeing in my area is negligible. Then again I always use white or gray shaker or flat panel cabinets and the variances in granite wouldn’t look as clean in my opinion. It really all depends on the style of cabinets your using and overall style of the kitchen/house.

Always use a solid surface though. To me even butcher block is being cheap.

@Simon Obas I'm also flipping my first property and recently installed a Sensa silver blue granite.  I also found many styles of quartz to be more expensive than granite.  With comps showing granite/quartz and butcher block I was reduced to what is in the budget/compliments the layout.  Ask about warranty information if you're really stuck. 

100% this is true. Appraisers won't label materials used; so I would go with what will sell best in the neighborhood. For majority of buyers, they won't know the difference of the stone by touch and look - more of just a preference.