Beginner in the field of small apartments

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I am a young 29 year female who currently works for the NYC department of education as a 1st. grade teacher and  i currently hold my bachelors. Although, i find my field to be a very rewarding one, it’s not a big pay off kind of field so i’m in search for change. A change that would be so great to where i can earn a huge increase income that will help fund my first apartment and my first car. So my question is, how do i get started in the small apartments field asap?

Hi @Diara Campbell and welcome to BiggerPockets!

I've got a colleague who also teaches for the New York City DOE and she is absolutely CRUSHING it as a new investor! You two should definitely talk.

If you're interested, call, text or email me; my contact info is below in my signature block (provided you're not using the phone app). Please DO NOT DM me here, since I won't get those messages.