Hello everyone. I want to tell you a little bit about myself and my school life. Let's just get it out there that I was never great at school. It was hard for me to pay attention and do my work. I graduated with a 2.1 overall GPA. I was denied by many universities and decided to go to community college. My parents paid for my first year of college. I was doing well the first month but after that, it ended with me failing & dropping out of the course. I told myself before the 2nd year of college that I would try my best because I paid for my own tuition. Even with the knowledge that I paid for it with my own money, I still failed/dropped out. With the failed courses on my college record, I must pay and take those classes again until I pass. I am a newcomer to real estate and investing and want to know what would be the best option for me. I want to know if there is an alternative to success.